Website Design and Development

We build custom, stunning, responsive and unique websites
professional, easy to navigate and use and are very responsive

Creative Websites That Perform



The single most important marketing tool within your business is your website

We build websites that showcase your business and we work hand in hand with you to ensure your online presence is interesting, engaging and original.

We understand the importance of a good user interface: we know that without it you may well lose visitors and potential customers. We want your visitors to stay and ultimately return.

When building websites we start by planning with you to make sure we fully understand your requirements before construction begins. We create a mock up of the home page so you get a good understanding of the look and feel of your site, making sure all the specifications are met.

Once we've had your home page approved, mock ups of the other main pages are created - again making sure we meet all of your requirements. When all of the different page types have been approved, we then start coding. We have saved clients time (and money) by using this process, as it avoids having to re-write code during the design phase of the website.

Following the industry standard design techniques, and coding to search engine friendly rules, we make dynamic, mobile-friendly sites.

Where a content managed environment is required we use tried and tested tools and our wealth of database development skills gives us an edge when developing content managed and e-commerce sites.

Keeping visitors on your site is very important - we are well aware of the benefits of this (aside from the obvious part) – as you can sell more and educate them more if they are on the site (they won't buy anything if they're not there).

Not only does your business benefit directly from a visitor staying longer on your website, it also improves your Google rankings and those of other search engines. If you can keep your visitors longer than your competitors this will help your rankings. Average time spent on the site, bounce rate and page-views per visitor all help your site rankings.

We understand the best techniques for achieving this and ensure they are employed on the sites we develop. Using these strategies and a variety of search engine optimisation techniques, we design and develop websites which are well ranked and easy to index.

From stand-alone websites to e-commerce shops we do not use a one size fits all approach. We make sure that the right tools are used based on your requirements.

A well designed website is imperative and will make your business stand out from the crowd.

During the development of our sites we endeavour to make them:

  • Professional
  • Engaging
  • Clear
  • Easy to navigate
  • Fully optimised