Custom Software, Database Development and Reporting

Here you will find no buzz words. No overarching, no pushing
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A little about us - and lot more below

We provide services for custom software development, database design and reporting suites. We are based in Leicester in the East Midlands.

Knowing what you want to achieve and getting it built correctly requires a good, close relationship. That is something we pride ourselves on. Our ability to understand your needs and convert them into working systems.

Come and have a look around and see if we can help you.


Software Design

We spend a great deal of time developing software, our aim is to create systems which are productive, reliable, easy to use and respected.

In order to make our software great we pay high levels of attention to detail in all the areas required when developing our software.

We carry out detailed planning out with clients during the development cycle. We need our users to want to use our software.

We make certain when build software systems that they are:

  • Responsive
  • Functional
  • Consistent
  • Reliability
  • And have a clear user interface

Database Design

A well designed database requires careful planning and a good understanding of a users requirements, get this wrong and the database will not work as expected.

As with software development, database design requires a very thorough plan being drawn up to ensure the database works correctly and efficiently.

Planning in the early stages of development with save on having to re-build systems during the develop of the database.

When creating databases we ensure that the system being developed is:

  • Secure
  • Scalable
  • Efficient
  • Well documented
  • Normalised (A system designed follow rules stopping data duplication)



Having information in a database is great, but it is also essential to be able to extract this data. Reporting on your business is a fundamental part of running any company.

Whether you are reporting on inventory, sales, budgets, general ledger, customer demographics or performance you need to be able to retrieve this information.

There are several different ways we can do this for based on systems you have in place at present or whether it is a new build.

The reporting system we build ensure you have reports which are:

  • Relevant
  • Easy to understand
  • Well presented
  • Clear
  • Well structured