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Based in Leicester in the East Midlands, we provide services for:
Custom Software Development, Database Design and Reporting Building.
Web Design and Development, Hosting and Email Services and Mobile App Development.

When choosing a development company, you need to ensure that they can work closely with you to provide the results you desire. We have the skills and abilities to understand your needs and convert them into working systems and sites. Knowing what you want to achieve and getting it built correctly requires a good, close relationship. We are dedicated to getting the job done and making sure it’s done right! This is something we pride ourselves on.

Come and have a look around and see if we can help you.

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Software Design

We spend a great deal of time developing software, our aim is to create systems which are productive, reliable, easy to use and respected.


Database Design

A well designed database requires careful planning and a good understanding of a users requirements, get this wrong and the database will not work as expected.



Having information in a database is great, but it is also essential to be able to extract this data. Reporting on your business is a fundamental part of running any company.


Website Design

The pretty part of what we do, developing excellent websites requires a very good understanding of the customers’ requirements and business needs.


Mobile Apps

With the trend of smartphone and tablet usage escalating at a phenomenal rate, having your business available to users on a mobile platform is vital.



Great products with great prices are a wonderful thing, but they are no use if you can’t sell them properly. With E-commerce being the fastest growing market in Europe and the US, having a site that works properly is critical.